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Warm Market

Start Building Your Team NOW!

Use this simple 3 step process to generate interest within your Warm Market – people you already know and encounter throughout your day – could be a server at a restaurant, the checkout clerk at the grocery, your accountant, a friend from church, your uncle, your cousin – Ask them this one simple question:

1. “Are you open to additional income if it fits into your schedule?”

2. If yes, have them watch this short 5 minute video to check further interest: https://www.pappasfamilylife.com/workwithsymmetry/
(note: you can get a video of your own by joining Owners Circle)

3. Get them on a 3 way call with your Growing Upline (your growing upline is the person who is following the system, personally developing, and growing their business)

3-Way Calls

When you are first getting started and working in your warm market you may not feel like you have a story to share.

Build your team anyway!

Get your recruiting prospects on the phone with your Growing Upline – You bring the Trust, your Upline brings the Respect

This strategy also works great for Kitchen Table Recruits – 3rd party validation is a powerful tool!  Edify your Upline and put them to work for you!

Cold Market

Cold Market Recruiting requires Time and a Budget. And the Law of Large Numbers! Remember, the purpose of finding a cold market recruit is to heat them up quickly and then help them get into their warm market!

Here are some examples of Cold Market Strategies. Talk with your Agency Owner to determine the right strategy for you.

Paid Advertising:
Craigslist Ads
Zip Recruiter
Career Builder

Social Media (free):


Phones Packet

100% of the money to be made in this business starts on the PHONES!! Print out this New Agent Phone Packet, practice and memorize your script and hit the phones!!!

On the Phone Soundcloud Playlist

Phone Script Basics

Carriers & Underwriting


Here is your Carriers & Underwriting Checklist:

☐ E&O Coverage
☐ Virtual Mentor
☐ Mobile Access! & Bookmark Mobile Page
☐ Core Carriers and Underwriting Terminology
☐ Mutual of Omaha (MOO)
☐ United Home Life (UHL)
☐ American Amicable (AmAm)
☐ Americo

Errors and Omissions (E&O) Coverage

Everyone always asks, “Do I need E&O Coverage?” and the simple answer is, “Not Yet.”

Our Core Carriers and Core Products for Mortgage Protection and Final Expense do not require it. If you start writing Annuities or other Product Concepts, you will need to have it, but to get started, you do not!

We suggest getting started with our Core Products, and when you are ready, purchase your E&O from the Symmetry recommended program HERE.

Virtual Mentor

***This is your GO TO Resource!***

BOOKMARK the Virtual Mentor Website on your phone/laptop/iPad and use to see what Carrier/Product your Client will qualify for.

Step 1: Register Click on “create account”> Choose “sales agent” under type of agent> Select your most direct Agency Owner

Step 2: Text your Agency Owner – Let them know you set up your account so it can be approved.

Step 3: Watch Tutorial Video

USE THIS RESOURCE!  Virtual Mentor will take 95% of the guess work out of the underwriting qualification process!

This said, NOTHING replaces calling a Carrier to do a Risk Assessment or ask Underwriting Questions (i.e. multiple high risk medications)

Mobile Access

BOOKMARK https://mysfgteam.com/mobile/

For quick access to Online Mobile Quotes and ALL Carrier Phone Numbers!
Dial directly from your phone or Tablet!

(In Firefox browser push the “Star” button next to the clipboard icon above to bookmark the page)

The Core Carriers

Keep It Simplified! Simplified Issue is coverage that does not require a lengthy/invasive physical exam (the underwriting is “simple”), it has living benefits, and it issues quickly!

Get To Know and Write These Carriers:
1- MOO- Mutual of Omaha (Term, Accidental, Critical Illness, Disability, and Final Expense)
2- UHL- United Home Life (Whole Life and Term)
3- AmAm- American Amicable (Term and Final Expense)
4- Americo- Eagle Premier (Final Expense product)

Your Clients will get fantastic coverage, you will earn top commissions and get paid quickly!

Use this handy guide to print off all the apps you will need as well as this list of important Underwriting Terminology you will need to know!

Mutual of Omaha (MOO)

Agent Support: (800) 775-7896
Phone Interviews (PHI): 1-800-775-3000
Business Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30-5:30 CST
Pre-appointment States: PA, MT
States where a license is required in order to receive override commissions: GA, MA, MT, MN, PA, UT, VA

*Note: Agents selling stand alone AD (Accidental), DI (Disability), or CI (Critical Illness) must have a Health License

Apps to Print (Be sure and have 1-2 on hand at all times!):
Register for iPipeline at simplysfg.com to print out paper applications (once contracted, call to order supplies):
–use United of Omaha for Life products
–use Mutual of Omaha for Health Products
Term Life Express (TLE) and Product/Underwriting Guide***
Guaranteed Advantage Accidental Life (GAD) and Product Guide/Rate Sheet***
Living Promise Final Expense and Product Guide***
Priority Income Protector Disability (PIP) and Agent Guide/Product Guide
Critical Illness and Product/Agent Guide

***Be sure and have these printed for your first week in the business!

Winflex Illustration Software
MOO has phenomenal Tech support! If issues arise with the Winflex Software when you first download it, call and ask for Tech support
and they will get you up and going in no time!

Helpful videos:
1- Downloading Software
2- Using Software
3- Understanding a TLE (Term Life Express) Application
4- Eapp- TLE (Term Life Express) Application

United Home Life (UHL)

Phone: (800) 428-3001
Business Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm CST
Phone Interviews (PHI): 866-333-6557
Pre-Appointment States: GA, LA, KS, NM, PA, TX

Apps to Print (have 1-2 on hand at all times!)
Print apps using iPipeline at simplysfg.com
-Once contracted, call carrier to have them send you application kits for your state
Whole Life/Final Expense and Agent Guide***
Term Life Application and Agent Guide***
Protector AD (Accidental) – check for state availability – no health license required
Provider Whole Life and Agent Guide

***Be sure and have these apps for your first week in the field!

Videos in this player:
1- Software Usage

2- Using Express Issue Whole Life Application
3- Using Term
Life Application
4- Eapp Express Issue Whole Life Application

While you always want to reference the online software for current rates, here is a Rate Sheet pdf to keep on hand if you are in a pickle 🙂

American Amicable (AmAm)

Phone: (800) 736-7311
Business Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm CST
Phone Interviews (PHI): Call EMSI at 866-719-2024
EMSI is available for phone interviews during these hours: Monday-Friday 8am-9pm CST, Saturday 10am-2pm CST
Pre-Appointment States: PA
Agents selling in IA, MA, MI, NJ, RI, & VT must contract under Occidental Life
States where a license is required to receive override commissions: MT, MN, VA

Applications to Print (have 1-2 of these on hand at all times!):
Print Apps from simplysfg.com – apps not on iPipeline
-Once contracted, order application kits from americanamicable.com
Home Certainty and Agent Guide***
Express Term and Agent Guide/Product Guide***
Dignity Solutions Final Expense and Agent Guide***
Easy UL
Security Protector Accidental and Product Guide – check for state availability – no health license required

***Be sure and have these apps available for your first week in the field!

Quoting Software Download
You MUST use Internet Explorer to download this software from the Symmetry website. After you download the software, you can use Firefox to operate the software (you do NOT need to be online to utilize the software, it simply uses the web browser as if you are on the website)

Videos in this player:
1- Downloading Software
2- Eapp- Home Certainty (Term)
3- Home Certainty (Term) Paper Application
4-Dignity Solutions (Whole Life) Paper Application

(The software is fairly straight forward for each product and shouldn’t need explanation. AmAm has training on their site once you are appointed with them to explain how to use the software)


Phone (800) 231-0801
Business Hours: Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm CST

Applications to Print:
Eagle Premier Final Expense Instant Decision only uses a tele-app or an eapp.  Use this Worksheet, Agent Guide, and Rate Sheet to pre-qualify your client before applying. *Note, non-smoker rates apply for all candidates for first 3 years of policy regardless of tobacco history!

Quoting Software:
Use the Mobile Quoting tool or visit simplysfg.com for software download instructions


In Home

In Home Packet

Ready, Fire, Aim! You cannot study yourself to success! Print off this New Agent In-Home Packet for scripts and tips.

The best agents get out there quickly and learn to the situations that present themselves. Your first 30 sits (appointments with all decision-makers present) will be your training ground, your next 30 sits will be in skill development, and once you’ve sat with 100 families, you’ll be an expert!

You’ll have some ups and downs, just remember: stay OFF the emotional roller coaster and enjoy the journey!

Final Expense Flip Chart:

If you are working Final Expense appointments, download the SFG Final Expense Flip Chart.

Follow the flow of this power point and make the about me page your own!

In Home Soundcloud Playlist

What to Pack

Here is a behind the scenes look at what Agency Owner Sarah Pappas packs when running she’s in the field running appointments.

Download the In The Field Checklist and you’ll be well on your way to being prepared for what is ahead!