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Coming out of Conference, I bet you are feeling a surge of CONFIDENCE!!
What is Confidence?
Coach Micheal Burt teaches that there are 3 ways to define confidence:
#1: Confidence is the Memory of Success – remembering a time when you were successful can build your confidence. Even the simplest of wins can help build confidence: remembering the first time you wrote an eapp, your first family helped, recruiting your first agent – these are positive memories that will help you build more confidence for the current task at hand!
#2: Confidence is also an internal knowing that you can create or manifest what you see in your mind. Conference built an unshakeable belief that you can create your best life!
#3: And lastly, Confidence is a distribution of your primary skill to the market with positive feedback. When you help a client and they are overjoyed, you’ve experienced confidence in a tangible way.
Coach Burt says, “When we are low on confidence, we go back to old habits in new ways.”
You have been given a fresh start this past week at Conference. Do not go back to old habits in new ways. Use your newfound confidence to propel you to greater heights!
As Zig Ziglar used to say, “I’ll see you at the top!”