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Gaining Perspective: Lessons from the First Year

There’s certainly a lot to learn during your year at Symmetry. So much it can feel overwhelming – mastering the phone script, learning the products, applications, underwriting, let alone keeping up with your day job, family, and/or homeschooling your children!

If you come out of your first 90 days alive (I say tongue-in-cheek), you may have gained some awareness and perspective into some of the best ways needed to work your business. I asked an agent within his first year to compile a list of his best practices and think his nuggets are worth passing along:

  1. Be organized and plan your day in advance (pack your lunch, print your leads, prepare for that appt)
  2. Decide on your priorities and do the most important thing first – always do the hardest task first
  3. Avoid multi-tasking when you are working on something important
  4. Learn to say NO to requests and tasks that are unimportant and a waste of your time
  5. Commit to NOT procrastinating and ask someone to keep you accountable
  6. Know what your most productive time of day is and treat it as sacred
  7. Read books/do Miracle Morning to grow yourself and improve your mindset
  8. Break large goals into smaller goals and set achievable deadlines for them

Wow! How would you like that much clarity after your first 90 days? Growth comes from becoming aware of the things that need to change and then trusting in the process to change.

Keep growing with me!