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Last week we talked about several things that erode your confidence (lack of preparation, lack of skill, not paying the price, and hanging on to the past). Here’s a few more things that will erode your confidence – hint – don’t do these! LOL!
  • Being too concerned with the good opinion of others – This will erode your confidence quickly – why do you spend time caring what people are going to think about you? Fear of what others will think is a form of self-sabotage!! How do I know? Because I’ve been there. Are you willing to let go of what people think about you, your new career, your step up into leadership? Let it go!
  • Not enough reps! You don’t have the muscle memory until what you do and all the things building up to it become HABITS!!! Work on your reps until they become habits!
  • Long cycles with no success – This one can freak us out the most. Ask any Top Producer how it feels to go thru a 3 week slump. I say 3 week slump b/c if the consistent activity is there, I’ve never seen a 4 week slump. But a 3 week slump can definitely erode your confidence. They will happen from time to time. The question is, how will you respond?
Don’t let these Confidence-Eroders get in your way! Do the opposite and turn them into Confidence-Builders!! We’ll take a look at some Confidence Builders next week! When you work on your confidence, your success will spill over in every area of your life.
All the best,