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Daily Reminders

Agency Director Jordan Shank recently spoke on a National Call about his Top Ten things he’s learned on his Symmetry Journey since May 2016.

These are his Daily Reminders!

  1. The Symmetry System works 100% of the time so long as I work the system 100%
  2. Pain is my friend. It makes me stronger and a better leader.
  3. I bring my best – and then some. It’s what I do after I bring my best that makes all the difference.
  4. Regardless of the outcome, the families I sit with and the agents I interview will be better because I showed up for them.
  5. I have purpose, direction and meaning every day in my life
  6. I am disciplined to pursue excellence in all things and constantly develop my craft.
  7. I have a team around me that cares for me. I am not in this alone. In turn, I support, encourage and champion others to reach their potential.
  8. My words, thoughts, actions and reactions are in my control.
  9. I believe the best about people, even when it’s difficult
  10. My life and business is always moving in the direction of my strongest thoughts, therefore I fill my mind with truth. I capture and reject any thought that is controlled by fear.

Now, that is the mindset of a winner…who also happens to be at the 115 contract on his way to 120! Make those thoughts your own and adopt this winning mindset!

All the best!