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Licensing Course

“Action is the foundational key to all success” ~Pablo Picasso

We use License Coach as our preferred State Insurance Licensing course for several reasons:

Courses are designed with compatibility and convenience in mind. All you need is a browser and in internet connection.


Their setup allows you to start and stop as needed so you can learn at your own pace.

Setup is quick and easy. Get started in as little as 2 minutes!


Step 1: Get Your Discount

Did you complete Steps 1-4 for an Unlicensed Agent? We sure hope so!

For those who show us they are serious about their future and complete the first 4 Steps, we match your commitment and make a significant investment and reward available for you!

You now qualify to receive:

  • 50% off your course! Your portion is now $99. You save $100!

Check your email for the discount code.  If you don’t see it, call or text the person who referred you to Symmetry RIGHT NOW! They will verify you completed Steps 1-4 and get you the discount right away!

Step 2: Register For License Coach

Head on over to License Coach. This is where you’ll find all the information you need to get started.

Don’t forget to use your discount code to get over 50% off your course! 

Don’t have a discount code? Check your email! You should have received this code after you completed your Unlicenced Agent paperwork. If you can’t find it, contact us!

Step 4: Best Practices & Study Quick Tips

Study for and Pass your State Exam in under 14 days! (Students who complete their course in 5-10 days have the highest pass ratios!)


To accomplish this, Take the section quizzes first. Study to what you got wrong. Repeat until you get a passing grade 2-3 times. Move to the next chapter.

Cram Course:

Treat this much like you would a college cram course where the goal is to get a passing grade– not memorize everything. You will learn information a mile wide and 3″ deep. After you pass the test, you won’t use 90% of what you learned. For what you do use, you’ll be expertly trained!


Your recipe for maximum success is: Complete licensing course in 5-10 days & taking your State Exam in 14 days or less!

Show the world the Boss you are- Get started today!