On Boarding: The Basics

The first steps in a journey are the most critical because they determine your destination. Today you gain access to the tools needed on your journey and begin laying a solid foundation for your future success.


The Basics Checklist:

☐ Join GroupMe

☐ Join mySFGteam Growth and Development Group (for agency only)

☐ Save weekly trainings / calls in your phone

☐ Zoom instructions

☐ Download Soundcloud

☐ Set up your email

☐ Register and complete Symmetry U

☐ Items to print

☐ Post on GroupMe to help you celebrate completion of The Basics!

mySFGteam Growth and Development Group
Join the mySFGteam Growth and Development Group (For Agency Only)
mySFGteam Growth & Development (For Agency Only)
Private group · 55 members

Join Group

This group is dedicated to mySFGteam to learn, grow and leave better than we came!

This app is the secret sauce to staying connected with others! It’s a place we celebrate wins and report our progress.

1- Click GroupMe to create an account using an email (your phone will blow up with texts if you use a cell#!)
2- Download the App on your phone
3- Add yourself to the group by using this link or ask your upline to add you to GM and give them the email you used to create your account
4. Once you are added, say Hello! Introduce yourself and who recruited you.

We’re a friendly group so you will be welcomed by everyone! *pinky swear* wink

Training Calls

Weekly Trainings/ Calls:
Before you “check” this off,
1- Save these numbers in your cell phone
2- Add them to your calendar each week
3- Make sure you have reminders set

Most companies have weekly calls to feel special about themselves.
We have calls for a purpose — to help your profitability!! Be ON the calls!

Monday In The Field Sales Training:
9-9:20am CST/ 10-10:20 EST
NEW Webinar Link:
or (312) 626-6799
ID: 766-593-586

Wednesday National Leadership Call:
12-1pm CST/ 1-2pm EST
NEW Webinar Link:
or (312) 626-6799
ID: 571-684-240

Sunday Agency Call:
mySFGteam Agency & Young Master Agency:
7:30-8:30pm MST/ 8:30-9:30pm CST/ 9:30-10:30pm EST

Upline Contact Info:
If you haven’t yet, program your Upline’s cell # into your phone and save to your favorites.
If you don’t know this, email them right now asking for it!

Zoom Room

Zoom Instructions:
Friends don’t let friends dial alone! Dial LIVE with your friends from GroupMe!! Join the mySFGteam Zoom Dial Room, get real-time coaching from the pros, and set more appointments than you can handle! Saturdays 10am-1pm EST / 9am-12pm CST / 9am-11am MST.

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/497580800.

Print out your leads and click on the link above. Dial in early your first couple of sessions to work out any technical kinks.


This site/app gives you access to exclusive training from our Agency as well as 1,000’s of hours of training from SFG! 1- Visit SoundCloud.com to create an account and while you’re there, download the App on your phone. 😉 2- Search “mySFGteam” and “Symmetry Financial Group” and follow both.

Email Setup

We suggest you set up a free business Gmail to use exclusively for Symmetry. Suggestion: JohnDoe.SFG@gmail.com or JohnD.SFG@gmail.com. Once created, be sure to email your upline and update your contact information here: mysfgteam.com/contact-update

Symmetry U

Symmetry U

The Corporate onboarding series and it’s surprisingly fun! (Really!!)

Slow down and follow these steps carefully! Reference the Agent Instructions HERE

**Note** Symmetry U will require a NEW Username and Password- NOT your Symmetry assigned UN/PW.

  1. Go to https://e360.sfglife.com/
  2. Fill out the registration form with your information and click “Register Now!”
    a. Be sure to select the correct Agency Owner from the drop-down list.
  3. Click “Login Here” on the next page, or go to https://symmetryfinancial.edvance360.com/, to log in with your username (the e-mail address you registered with) and password.
  4. FAST TRACK: Complete all 6 Phases of Fast Track and post on GroupMe when you’re done! (Go back at a later date to complete other courses – Fast Track is what you need to get started….FAST!)
Items to Print

Four Cornerstones:
This is the Foundation Symmetry sits upon. Start off your day by listening to Sarah Pappas, Chris Cook, Marlin Faulkner and Ben Seifipour share what the Four Cornerstones of Success mean to them! While you’re at it, print off the Core Values and post both near your desk to use as guideposts on your journey!

Contract Promotions:

Working toward your next promotion?!? WE SURE HOPE SO!!! Here are the official Symmetry Promotion Guidelines

Leadership Promotions:

Looking to grow yourself and lead others? Here are the official Levels of Leadership Guidelines Be sure to discuss how to reach your goals with your Upline!


Cheers to you for completing The Basics!

Be sure to start Boot Camp today!