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This page will point you in the right direction with a wide array of questions Agents often have ranging from business cards to getting promoted.

If you have a question we haven’t answered here (or somewhere else on the website) email support at with “Website Suggestion” in the title.

Updating Your Contact Information:
Want to update your email, phone # and more?
Easy! go to

Please allow up to 24 hours for updates to take effect!

Computer Requirements:

In general, older laptops work just fine! While each Carrier has their own computer tech specifics you will need a PC based computer running Windows (no Linux or Mac- unless you run Parallels). The computer must have a physical hard drive, even 30 GB is fine! (No Chromebook/ Cloud storage). Options like these should provide more than enough computing! You are able to use an iPad for much of what we do with our core carriers (though not everything). If you are going that route, you MUST be tech savvy and understand you will not receive tech support from the carriers or your upline. With few exceptions, use Firefox for your browser. (Chrome should work too). And these printers ROCK- with refills that last a long time!


Insurance Carrier sites can be more finicky than a wicked witch in the rain. With few exceptions, using Mozilla Firefox for everything you do will be best. If you prefer Chrome, you should be fine (although slightly slower). Internet Explorer is to be avoided, with a few notable exceptions (downloading AmAm software)

Dropbox: Dropbox is great for storing your applications and save documents from this site so you can access them anywhere.

1- Visit to create a free account 2- Download both the Desktop and App versions If you think the “cloud” is in the sky, read tutorials on Dropbox or watch a few tutorials on Youtube

Also, you’ll want to have a scanning app like TurboScan handy! It’s free or only $4 in the App store for cool features like syncing to Dropbox! And buy an awesome affordable printer like this one!

PDF Editing: Need to merge pdf’s, make them smaller in size, etc? We *heart* and yes, they sync with Dropbox! 🙂

Agent Training Resources:

Mobile Quotes and Carrier #’s are here:

SoundCloud: This site/app gives you access to exclusive training from our Agency as well as 1,000’s of hours of training from SFG! 1- Visit to create an account and while you’re there, download the App on your phone. 😉 2- Search “mySFGteam” and “Symmetry Financial Group” and follow both.

Symmetry Agent Handbook:

This handbook will help fill in the knowledge gap of lots of various odds and ends! Use this link to download your Agent Guidebook

We have several videos on YouTube for ongoing training 1- Click HERE or go to YouTube and search “Pappas Family Life” 2- Log in and Subscribe to this channel 3 – You can view other carrier trainings HERE

Field Resources:

ASAP Planners are KEY to helping you keep your business organized! Features: Weekly appointment tracking 4 Keys to Success weekly checklist Simple tracking of all sales activity

SAVE Tax $$: Use MileIQ to automatically track your mileage and save THOUSANDS on taxes! (no joke!)
For under $6/month, this has become a no brainer for many of us! Use THIS LINK to save 20%!!
or copy/paste

Name Badge: It’s a proven fact you become 110% more legit by adorning your SFG Name Badge

Business Cards:

Use Vistaprint for business cards. Symmetry has some cool designs at a corporate discount! Stick to 100 cards cause you’ll want to change something. #murphyslaw

Commission Raises & Getting Promoted:


Contract Promotions: Working toward your next promotion?!? WE SURE HOPE SO!!! Here are the official Symmetry Promotion Guidelines

Leadership Promotions: Looking to grow yourself and lead others? Here are the official Levels of Leadership Guidelines Be sure to discuss how to reach your goals with your Upline!

Commission Guide:

Here is a document to help guide you on product commissions. **Commissions may have adjusted, so ALWAYS verify with the carrier** Download the 60-75% Commission Level Matrix to know exactly which products pay what.


Go to for the most up-to-date forms (GMR, Standing Lead Order, Commission Increase, Hierarchy Change)